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Database search

This component is avaible from the Contextual menu and the components tab. It was developed by foosion. Official topic here

Database search

Settings when invoked from main menu

Will be applied when launched from the components tab.
  • Search: where the serach will be done
    • [last used]: the last used thing
    • All playlists:will search in the playlist
    • Clipboard: will search in the clipboard
    • Database: will search in the database
    • History: will search in the History
    • Playlist: will search in the active playlist
  • Format:
    In which field(s) the search will be done
    • [last used]: the last used thing
    • album: will search in the album tag
    • All your favorite tags: will serach in album, artist, title, date, venue tags.
    • Artist: will search in the artist tag
    • Codec: will search in the codec field
    • Comment: will search in the comment field
    • Composer: will search in the composer field
    • Date: will search in the date field
    • Filename: will search in the filename
    • Genre: will search in the genre field
    • Path: will search in the path
    • Performer: will search in the performer field
    • Title: will search in the title field
    • Tracknumber: will search in the tracknumber field
    • Venue: will search in the venue field
  • Filter
    • [last used]: the last used thing
    • boolean: will perform a boolean search (the files can return only 0 or 1 if the criterion entered exists or not (1if it exists))
    • info missing: will show the files without any information avaible (if you choose right click then properties, the console will open and say : ERROR (CORE) : Unable to query info on:)
    • Match all: the result will have to match all the entered things
    • Match exact: the search will have to match exactly what was entered, very specific, I advice you to use match all instead.
    • Match one: the serach will return the files matching at least one thing entered
    • Match prefix:
    • pass:This filter always returns true, so all items pass the test.

Settings when invoked from context menu

Just see above

Format presets

There are all the format presets for your search (see firmat above). To add or remove some ones, The action takes place here.
  • Add: will allow you to add new format strings (see TAGZ)
  • Edit: will allow you to edit an already existing format
  • Remove: will remove the selecte format
  • Default: will return to the default configuration (deletes new formats and adds the default ones)

Misc. settings

  • Default action Properties: I wasn't able to figure out what it does.
  • Update search results when query changes: Don't use it with slow CPU computers or huge playlists, it will perform the query only when you have finished to enter your query (to validate type ENTER).

Database search Display

  • Sorting (tab): Choose your sorting pattern (see TAGZ)
  • Status bar (tab): Choose the information displayed in the status bar. (see TAGZ)
  • Display (tab): choose how to display the results. (see TAGZ)
  • Reset: go back to default settings
  • Choose color font for: choose the color for the corresponfing thing
  • Resultlist font: choose the font of the results
  • help: see the official page for help. (it must be in the component folder to work)