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Official topic. This component has been developed by rexy

This tool is very useful as it can display your songs with a choosen pattern or your directory structure like explorer.. To work properly, this component needs the database to be activated. It may be quite powerful and very interesting if well used.


  • Up/Down: Choose in which order will be be the View menu
  • Add new: Add a new pattern
  • Delete: Delete a sorting scheme
  • Reset: Go back to default settings
Click actions
  • Expand/collapse: Expand or collapse the tree
  • Send to playlist: will send the selected item in the current playlist and delete all that was there.
  • Add to playlist: will add the selected item at the end of the current playlist
  • Send to new playlist: will send the selected item into a playlist with the name of the selected item (and all the subfolders if there are some)
  • Send to autosend playlist: will send the selected item into a playlist called with the name chosen (see below)
  • Use custom sorting for tree items (slow): select your sorting scheme, as it is said, it may be slow. Use it at your own risk
  • Autosend to playlist: Check it to send automatically the selected item into the special playlist called as you want ("Database view" by default).

  • Show sub-item counts: will display the number of items in the selcted item (+1 for a folder and a track)
  • Horizontal scrollbar: Allow or not an horizontal scrollbar
  • Autoplay: will launch automatically the selected item
  • Use custom colors: Choose the colors to use (instead of the system ones)
  • Font: choose the font
  • Show item indexes: will show the number of the item into the tree
  • Show root node: Choose if there will be a "father" folder for all the items
  • Minimum height: Choose the minimum height of the panel
  • Use custom item height: Choose what is said
  • Choose custom identation: Choose the identation (i.e. the staggering) of each sub item
  • Window frame style: choose the window frame mode used
  • Populate on initialisation: If used, the panel will be filled in at each start (may explain if foobar is long to start)
  • Process keyboard shortcuts: Allows you to use or not the corresponding shortcuts.


  • View: choose your sorting scheme. By directory structure will display your folders as they are physically on your hard drive.
  • Refresh Tree: will refresh the tree.. (that was hard to guess..)
  • ....: See above it's explained and the two lines with the database are quite understandable..
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