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2nd step: the preferences

For the moment, I will just explain the things useful to change (or not).. For a complete explanation of the preferences panel. Just wait..


Core database

  • if you tick "database enabled" it will allows you to use the database related things.
  • why database could be useful? it allows you to add files more quickly once they've already been added to the database.
  • when database is enabled files added to your playlist are automatically added to your database
  • if you enter the path of the directory where you have all your music saved, scanning the folder will add all the files of the directory and subdirectory to the database

Display Default user interface

  • if you tick show total time of selected tracks, it will show you the length of the selected tracks at the bottom of the screen on the right
  • there, you can also select the color for different elements of foobar

Display Default user interface system tray

  • minimize to system tray will allow you to put foobar into the active program zone, near the clock of your computer, you can select the icon.
  • Always show the system tray icon will do what is said
Image of the system tray and it's abilities


  • use the volume control to smooth gap between the noise gate of foobar and other software using yout audio card
  • it's useful if you want to use foobar while you're playing a game for example

Playback DSP manager

  • There you can activate some DSP
  • Don't forget to activate your DSP, changing their properties do not activate them!!
  • For a description of the DSP and their effects, continue to read

Playback DSP managerCrossfader

  • choose the length of your crossfading (crossfader allows you to mix the end of a track and the start of another so as to melt them)

Playback DSP managerequalizer

  • choose which frequency you want to increase or decrease..
  • it's recommended to only decrease the gain for each frequency, increasing them is more likely to create some clipping or hearable problems.. Use the auto level button to do so.

Playback DSP managerskip silence

  • choose which minimum length to cut if a silence is detected

Playback Output

  • choose anyone, but take care to select your audio card into the panel concerned if possible, it will be better

Playback status display

  • interesting so as to show to your friends who is the most active listener, but no more else
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Now you've done the big part to start.

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