Foobar2000 is an advanced audio player often said to be too much complicated compared to winamp, i-Tunes, Music Media Jukebox and Co. It is partially true as setting it up could be painful especially to have a good skin (having to download a bunch of plugins).

But the main core provides very powerful tagging and renaming functions with various solutions via the masstagging groups. You will be able to get tags via the freedb or discogs, but also guess tags frome filenames and rename or move thousands of files in one go.

Thanks to the Media Library, you will be able to create smart playlists based on specific tag(s) and use your audio files at their best.

Moreover, foobar2000 introduced Replaygain to the public, standard now adopted in winamp and several mainstream software. Thanks to Replaygain, you are able to "normalize" your files in an intelligent manner via several options. No more clipping or huge sound level changes during playback !!

If creating your own skin is tricky, via panels UI or columns UI, you are able to create impressive skins and use the abilities of foobar at your own taste.

This website is based on three main tutorials to indroduce the main features of foobar2000 and UI columns:

More help

For any question, go first to the FAQ where a lot of really common questions are listed.

To get help about the last version, first go to the wiki and if you still don't have any piece of information, go to the hydrogenaudio forums. The community will help you as long as you are also making efforts.

For help about the 0.8.3 version, you can go on the 0.8.3 manual. The site is outdated and some pages here are still correct for the 0.8.3 version.

About this website

This site has been created to show that this software is not as complicated as it seems and to help newcomers as well as old users to exploit this software at its best. To take the maximum advantage of this manual, do not read it in one sitting; instead, read specific sections as you need it. I've tried to give as many external links as possible to enable you to get further information. Go to those pages to get a better / different documentation.

A great part of this manual comes from guruboolez's guide (no longer available).

If you have any comment or constructive criticism, or have noticed any factual error or problem, please write them on the Guestbook page.

As I'm french, I apologize for grammatical and syntax errors.

To find a page, take a look at the Map page (all pages on the website are listed).

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