Discogs is a database which provides more information than freedb and which is theorically less a mess than freedb. On the other hand, the database is smaller than freedb's one. It's quality versus quantity.. On top of that, while you need the complete album with the freedb, with discogs, you can have only a part of the album and then tag correctly only the songs you have. (But you have to know the name of the artist and the album instead)


First, select the album and use the context menu:


Then select the correct album (you have to know the name of the album and the artist). If Auto is checked, the search will be automatic. You can use the filter to reduce the number of album available.


Then you can double click on the name of the album to see if it is the correct album and release, it will open your web browser and display a page like this one :


If it's the correct release, click on OK. A new window will appear. Here you have to align tracks with their tags with the buttons Move up, Move down and remove

If you have an incomplete album, don't forget to remove the corresponding songs:

discogs discogs

As you will see, the number of tags entered is higher than we're used to:



Via the contextual menu, go to Discogs, Configuration:




Album/artist art



Tag Mapping

Via the contextual menu go to edit tag mappings:


For each tag, you have a small description of the tag and you are also able to set various options:


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