You have several ways to find lyrics with foobar2000, from going to a website to use lyricsDB. Here, I will explain how you can find them with lyricsDB and Evil Lyrics.

In my opinion, you should store lyrics in the LYRICS tag because saving them into separate files is problematic when you want to transfer your tracks and keep your lyrics.

Lyrics DB


It's quite simple: You just have to select the songs and then via the contextual menu go to get (lyrics) from DB. Sometimes it indicates "Network problems", it can be because lyrics where not found but also because there really is a problem, so don't hesitate to retry later.


If several songs are selected, you can check Apply to all get all lyrics without checking them.


You don't have to touch any option. You can register there. (Only level 1 or more users will be able to edit lyrics and you must register to submit lyrics).

You are strongly encouraged to submit your lyrics to expand the database.

To be able to edit lyrics, you must submit first good lyrics.

Evil Lyrics

Evcil lyrics is a standalone software which performs a google search and then selects results from known lyrics database. I prefer it to Minilyrics (see below) as it is completely free and without any ad. Moreover as it does not have a lyrics database but uses various websites and their database, the number of lyrics found is really important !!


Don't forget to check foobar2000 plugin (if you do so, you won't have to enter anything in the research field, it will be filled automatically ).


If the result isn't correct, you can use the button on the left to go to the next result. For other questions, go to the official website where there is a decent FAQ.

Once you have the correct lyrics, in foobar, use the contextual menu then Properties or Lyrics DB edit to fill the LYRICS tag. If you use lyricsDB, you can export lyrics.



Minilyrics is also a standalone software and has a large collection of timestamped lyrics. It's a good piece of software but I prefer Evil Lyrics because mini lyrics saves lyrics in separate files and have ads.

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