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DSP means Digital Signal Processing. It isn't necessarily a real enhancement of digital datas: volume control is a DSP for example. The user can improve the sound or really decrease it if ill-managed.

To activate a DSP, just put in in the left column (from Available DSP to Active DSP). The order of DSP has its importance (use the up and down button to do so, the chain proposed on the picture might be a good one). If you don't have a lot of CPU, put the resampler at the bottom of the list for less processing. Always put the soft clipping limiter or the advanced limiter at the end, so as to manage sound enhancement and have useful measures against clipping. The correct order for DSP is :

new Now to configure a DSP, click on the Configure selected button


A complete list of DSP is available on the wiki. I just tried to show here some important DSP.

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