Freedb is a big database containing albums and their corresponding tags. As a consequence, it enables you to tag your files without having to enter them manually !! In some minutes, you will be able to find the tags of your complete albums.

It is not a Messer plugin port. So function available are different.

The selected songs must be into the commercial order of the album to make freedb work.

With discogs you can tag albums even with missing files or incorrect order as long as you know the name of the artist and the album.



You must enter an adress, but the default one is perfect. It's only because the freedb server needs an adress.

Use the default server. If you experiment some problems or if you are chauvinistic, choose a specific server to avoid problems.


Select the whole album.

The selected songs must be into the commercial order of the album or it won't work.

You must have all the songs of the album.

Use the contextual menu. Then a status bar will appear, and finally that window:


If no matching album has been found, or this window:


You will be able to choose which tags you will get if several tags are available for the same album. You can correct them or delete some directly.

Various artists will be checked for compilations or you can check it by yourself.

Use Wipe out existing tags to delete all other tags. It can delete your playcount, composer performer tags etc.. So use it with caution.

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