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Related topic About Branching in the album list and titleformatting with the Albumlist
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Two versions of this component exist. One is a non-panel version, the other can be integrated into UI columns and is developed by musicmusic. It uses your Related page on this website Media Library to work.

If you only use the view by filepath structure, you can have a look at the Related page on this website foo_uie_explorer component.


Read the Wiki Wiki page first
You can add your views with your personal sorting scheme with Add New .
  • Events: Choose which action to perform when clicking on the album list
  • Playlist Interaction
    • Select added item: Files added to the playlist will be selected
    • Start playback when sending selection to playlist: Will play your files when they have been sent to a playlist
  • Display
    • Show item indexes: will number all items
    • Show sub-item counts: will show the number of sub items in parenthesis


How to sort my files like that:
Use someting like:
Image $caps($cut(%artist%,1)) Image
Image Image


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