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Masstagging is more a concept that one action in particular. The main idea is to find tags without having to enter them manually or at least facilitate the process of entering a lot of tags. The final step is to rename or move files thanks to their tags so as to have a physical structure to your liking and tags correctly fill according to your standards. Warning !! Use masstagger at your own risk

Quick FAQ

File Operations

  • Delete files

    Will delete the selected file. A confirmation dialog window will appear to prevent you from deleting files unintentionally

    Warning !! It will physically delete the file, so use it with care.

  • Move Rename or Copy files

    Warning !! This component generally uses your tags to process. Be sure that your files are correctly tagged before using it.
    Warning !! Warning !! Always take a look at the preview field. It is really important to avoid any problem.

    First choose what you will do:
    Do What
    • Rename or move files
    • Copy files
    • Move entire parent directory, preserve structure and file names. : It will also move covers and files included in your folder. Use it to reorganize your whole structure. It won't change filenames.
    • Copy entire directory, preserve structure and file names. :It will also copy covers and files included in your folder. Use it to reorganize your whole structure. It won't change filenames.
    • Remove empty directories left : will delete empty directories, useful to clean your hard drive and see which folders remain and next see why they haven't been moved completely.
    • Output directory : Choose if you want to use the Same as source file directory (generally to change filenames) or a specific directory (generally to change your folder structure)

    An then choose the script or changes that you will do to the files:
    • leave as is : won't change anything
    • convert to lowercase : .MP3 will become .mp3
    • convert to uppercase : .mp3 will become .MP3

    Related topic Unofficial guide to masstagger
    Related topic Complex script detailed. With some help and details about the masstagger.
    related topic Titleformat_Reference : Useful to know functions available for scripts
    You can Load, save or delete an existing script.
    You can also choose already existing scripts.
    • nn.title
    • album/nn. title
    • (date) album/nn. title
    • artist / (date) album/nn. title
    And Finally Click on run, it's generally very quick.

    Note :
    The nn.title may be useful if your files are added in this order 1,10,11,...19,2,20,21...29,3 etc.. renaming your files will correct this. It's linked to character priority in windows.


official page: click to open the official page
Related topic: click to open the related topic
download: download
Click on the name of the action to perform to get further information if it's available.
  • MP3 Tag types : use it to know with what tag standards are tagged your files, you can copy your tags into a new standard by checking it and updating your files.
  • Edit Tags : Edit your tags semi automatically.
  • Reload info from files: Use it to update your media library.
  • Reload info from files if changed: Use it to update your media library
  • Rewrite file tags: Self-explanatory
  • Remove tags from file: Warning !! Will wipe out all your tags, use it with caution.
  • official page download Get tags from freedb: get automatically your tags from a remote server. Very useful to get usual tags (i.e album, artist, tracknumber..) without having to type then manually.


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