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If you want to know how many times you listened to a specific track, when you listened to it for the first and the last time. This is definetely the plugin you need


All options are quite straightforward.

Warning !! Use the percentage option with care. If you set it to 0 percent, listening to even only one second of the file will update it. may be annoying if you often listen to only a few seconds of your files and do not consider it as a real listening.
Warning !! The DB mask option is REALLY important, if you listen to formats without any proper tag standard (Wav, AAC) it may mess up your file and even make it unhearable again!!
Warning !! You can use the DB mask option to avoid editing your tags at each listening and store this information only in the media library. (with the advantage that if you share your files, another listener won't start with your playcount stats)

You can uncheck the last box with PLAY_DATE and PLAY_TIME if you never used an older version of the play count plugin.



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