Media library

How to easily manage thousands of tracks ? The Media library is an answer to the increasing number of files stored by foobar users. It reads all tags and stores them apart. (people have spent years to know where and how :-) ). The interests of such a thing are numerous: you will be able to add thousand of files in a playlist within seconds and much more important: search in your library files matching your requests: technical informations, tags missing, artist, year, replaygained files etc..

Several components rely on the Media library: foo_browser,album list, Autoplaylist, quick search, database explorer etc..


The first time:
Just add a folder (or several ones) with music and then click on scan all. It will take quite a long time if you have a lot of files, but once it is done, it will be faster after to add files to your playlists. Count 45 min for around 10000 music files at least. You can add all your folders with music the first time.

Add folders with music as you create them. If you add a new folder and don't want to scan all your library but just add the new folder, use Rescan library:

picture The best is to store your music at few places but grouped as indicating only the main folder will simplify the operation of adding your directories with music..

Warning !! Don't add the root of your hard drive or folders with mainly files that are not music as foobar must scan every file in the directories and subdirectories of each folder. Just consider the time of scanning your whole hard drive!!

Warning !! Restrict to and exclude options work only with music formats

How to remove dead items ?
  • First, open the album list component:
    Then, via the contextual menu (right click), choose Remove dead entries (slow)
    Warning !! Warning !! To really delete the file from the library, the deleted file must NOT be in any playlist !! (except auto playlist ones)Warning !! Warning !!
  • If it does not work, it may come from a panel. Do the same operation without the files in your panels.


August 30 2007 02:09:49.