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Wiki Several codes for the Track info panel available with a quick description of the plugin and help .
Related topic Some Track info panel codes available in the topic
Related topic Some Track info panel codes available in the topic Warning !! This component is outdated with foo_trackinfo_mod and panels_UI in terms of abilities.

This panels displays additional information about the playing track, or the selected one. It is fully customizable. Several Track info config are avaible from the Wiki link (it gives direct links to configs splitted all along the official topic).

Warning !! The Track info panel can use a lot of resources. Users have found that turning Scroll speed to the maximum (50000) and scroll step to the minimum (1) decreased significantly their CPU usage (14% to 0% !!) Users not using scrolling should change the settings to those values Warning !!


  • Font/Colors : Choose your colors and fonts
  • Vertical/Horizontal padding : Choose the distance (in pixel) between the border of the panel and your text
  • Minimum height : Self explanatory, old function to place panels above the playlist in 0.8.3. It remains useful when you reduce the size of the foobar window
  • Line spacing : Choose the space between your lines.
  • Update every second : Self explanatory. If you really need CPU and RAM resources, turn off this option.
  • Edge style : Choose the border style of the panel.
  • Default line ending : Choose how your lines will end
    • Wrap : will add the end of the line on a new one
    • Ellipsize : trims the remaining text
    • Scroll : The line will scroll from the end to the beginning of the text
  • Scroll speed: If Scroll is activated, choose the speed (I use 200ms)
  • Scroll steps:If Scroll is activated,Choose the number of steps, The higher it is, the smoother it should be
  • Scroll en delay If Scroll is activated, Choose for how long the text will scroll


The Track info panel works with two modes : Follow cursor and Now playing You can switch between the two modes with double clicking on the panel.

For formatting strings you can detect which mode is used with %_trackinfo_followcursor% and %_trackinfo_nowplaying% (will return 1 when the corresponding mode is activated)
Usual code is something like that
Image $if(%_trackinfo_nowplaying%,
//Actions to perform in Now playing mode
//Actions to perform in follow cursor mode
Image Image
You can also use %_trackinfo_mode% it will return "Follow cursor" or "Now playing".

Warning !!$char(1)C and $char(1)R don't work any longer.
To center your text use $tab()center$tab()
For right alignment use $tab()right

To get some Track info panel codes, go to the wiki, the official topic or the appearence thread. (cf links above)


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