New features

Here are some of the notable improvements in Foobar 0.9 below:

  • Customizable buttons (Option)
  • Simplified preferences menu
  • Media Library and autoplaylist creator.
  • Fully customizable layout with UI columns (Option)
  • Scripts based on Titleforrmatting syntax improved with more options (usually known as TAGZ)
  • Ability to move complete directories with the masstagger
  • Masstagger improvements such as available scripts from the context menu
  • Basic freedb component to tag your files (Option)
  • Better management of the Media library (Database in 0.8.3 version)
  • Secure ripping and offset correction
  • Ability to create .cue sheets/chaptered albums
  • ID3v2.4 support by default
  • Volume control by default
  • simplified Media Library rescanning

Missing or deleted options

  • no seeking with AAC
  • no more possibility to wrap/unwrap AAC/MP3 files within MP4 container (Option)
  • can't set buffering anymore for the converter
  • no choice for an alternate mp3 decoder
  • limited choice for output (padding, low bitdepth, etc...)
  • no more possibility of virtual tagging ??


October 06 2007 18:47:52.