Warning !! It works with the Media library So be sure to have it enabled and filled with your music.
Warning !! Autoplaylist playlists are locked: You can't add or delete files. You can note that thanks to the little icon in the status bar at the bottom of your screen: picture However, you can still remove and rename your autoplaylists.

This components will create dynamic playlists linked to your media library. As an example, if you create a playlist with all Alicia Keys songs and add days later a new album of this artist into the Media Library, the playlist will atomatically update with the new songs. Quite nice, isn't it?


First, read carefully the help. There is almost everything there.

Create the playlists where your files will be added before launching the Autoplaylist manager and finally use Add autoplaylist (it will populate the playlist) or Remove to manage your autoplaylists.

Warning !! Don't forget to use brackets with your logical operators.

Warning !! Use quotation marks (") to insert titleformatting function such as $replace()

Questions often asked

How to add all files in the Media Library ?
use a query which is always true. Like NOT all IS gold

How to add all files without any tag format ?
NOT %__tagtype% HAS tagtype for example :NOT %__tagtype% HAS id3v1

How to add all files without any track gain info ? ( Warning !! special behavior linked to replaygain tags)
%__replaygain_track_gain% IS ? or other replaygain tag fields

How to add all files in a special directory
%path% HAS directoryname\ use "\" to avoid including files with the directory name in their filename.

How to add all files without a certain tag (e.g rating, artist etc) ?
tagfieldname MISSING Example: rating MISSING

Tip & Trick


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