With UI columns, you can enhance foobar abilities with various panels. To use different panels, you can either right click on the sidebar zone or use the columns UI layout to organize them as you want.

I will try to describe some of the most used ones.

If panels developers want to see their panels in this page, they can do it via the guestbook.


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Click on the name of the component to get further information if it's available.
  • Related topic Wiki Track info mod This component is an extended version of the trackinfo panel. You will be able to use buttons in this panel (to rate your music for example), display pictures (and covers), use eye candy layers, extended functions for text (blur, shadows etc..) . To get some help, Wiki the wiki page is really useful
  • Related topic Wiki Single column playlist Displays your playlist in a single column, one major feature is to be able to group tracks and display a special line for each album and then display something different for your tracks. ANother big thing is to be able to display pictures to make something really eye-candy.
  • official page Related topic download Browser panel: "Allows you to browse your library using columns ui panels. Each panel can be configured for any tag and header you wish, but initially is set up for Genre, Artist, Album, Title and Title with Tracknumber. It also creates a Playlist named "*Browser*" which displays browser selection contents. foo_browser also adds "Browse" to context menu which will populate all the panels from your selections."
  • Related topic Explorer Tree: Displays a treeview. It's like an enhanced explorer included in foobar2000. Allows dynamic playlist creation. Doesn't need the media library.
  • Playlist switcher: Select your playlist with this panel. Replaces the playlist tabs. You can customize it from Columns UI/Playlist switcher. All option are quite clear
  • official page Related topic download Wiki Track info: Displays additional information about the playing track, or the selected one. Highly customizable. Several Track info config are avaible from the Wiki link (it gives direct links to configs splitted all along the official topic).
  • Related topic download Album Art: This panel will display your album art covers. (Use foosion component)
  • official page Related topic Playlist Tree: It "is a powerful tree based media library plugin for foobar2000 with many available customizations. Playlist Tree allows for static folders created by the users or dynamic queries which can be specified using a variety of conditions." I give a link to the official tutorial as I don't use this plugin and the tutorial is nice.
  • Related topic Playlist dropdown: playlist switcher in a dropdown menu
  • Related topic ProjectM: ProjectM panel Warning !! Still in development
  • Related topic Quicksearch: Quicksearch toolbar to search in your playlists or Media Library.
  • Album List View of your Media library, with options to sort your files etc..
  • Related topic Related topic Tabs: Puts several panels in tabbed panels allowing switching between tabs. Useful to save space.
    Warning For the moment, right clicking on the tabbed panels won't show the contextual menu of the panel itself but the foo_uie_tabs one which is quite conflictual especially for panels where you need this contextual menu to set your preferences.


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