Contextual menu

The contextual menu will help you to perform specific by right clicking on the selected tracks.
Warning !!You should organize your contextual menu according to your needs with foobar2000. For example : I removed Apply album gain to MP3 data, Apply track gain to MP3 data and Remove tags from files as I don't use those commands and it could alter my files. And I put everything about tagging and masstagging at the beginning of my contextual menu as it's what I really use the context menu for.
Warning !! Actions available depend on your plugins, don't worry if you have more or less options than in the picture above.


The contextual menu is fully customizable. You can delete options that you never use or add commands missing.

  • Group for a group of items
  • Separator to split your groups with a line and make your menu more clear
  • Command for a single command
  • Move up/Move down to organize the order of your commands and groups ( drag n' drop also works )

Plugins and contextual menu

Warning !! The list is not exhaustive.


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