new You can create mp3 cue chapetered files with the converter now.
new You can't set buffering anymore.
new You can't change CPU level/priority anymore.
Warning !! To get encoders, just make a Google search and download them.

Foobar is not only a media player but also a converting platform with very interesting options. (Even if the duo EAC/lame encoder may be more powerful for mp3 encoding). With only one program, you will be able to convert in the most common formats, both lossy and lossless. And have your tags filled with the freedb .

Quick FAQ

How to create sub directories according to tags ?
Like in the masstagger with slashes : "/".

How to use a specific encoder with my presets ?
Use Custom as encoder

Could I use DSP or Replaygain values when I am encoding my files ?
Yes, use DSP processing or Replaygain processing (useful for lossless to lossy encoding for portable device). If you just want to replaygain output files, check the corresponding box.


All options are quite straightforward.
  • Output file names : Use it to make your custom formatting string.
    Warning !! Use "/" character to create sub-directories.
    For example to create:
    picture use something like %album artist%/['('%date%')'] %album%/%tracknumber%. %title%
  • Encoding Presets
    Usual presets are available directly with add new but you can use the commandline mode using as encoder Custom . Then you will be able to choose the encoder, the commandline, the file extension and the display name.
  • Edit to configure your preset.
  • Output bit depth : See here about Bit Depth and Dithering


Warning !! Don't forget to use the freedb to avoid manual tag entries.
Select the files to encode, then with the contextual menu, choose what you will do.
  • Convert to... : Choose the folder where will be encoded your files.
  • Convert to same directory
  • Convert to single file : Will gather all your files in one
  • Convert to album image with cue sheets or chapters : Use it to create a single file with a .cue file associated.
  • Generate previews : will generate previews. You will be able to choose how long they will be.
You can use DSP or apply replaygain to your files when you're encoding. For minimal loss of the audio stream, prefer using none of those two options.
The first time you use an encoder, foobar will ask you where it is.
Warning !! If you have a message concerning the final quality of your audio files, read it carefully. It's true!!


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