To Do list

Level 1

  • Complete the tools page.
  • Rewrite the masstagger page
  • Rewrite the Replaygain page
  • Tags: talk about the new propertie menu
  • Write a page about playlist dropdown
  • Write a page about panels UI with links
  • Finish the panels page.
  • Tunatic

Level 2

  • foo_title page
  • FR version links Hfr/langoustator
  • Ability to download the website
  • FAQ foo_version/Host an image/New Track info Syntax/layer.

Level 3

  • Give tip/tricks
  • Foo_mini idea
  • Background tasks
  • Deletion using recycle bin
  • Alpha transparency
  • clickable button to go back to the top of the page
  • Wiki for foo_title
  • Tutorial: arrows at the wrong place
  • FAQ: about WMA/about iTunes and squares,id3v2.3 ID3v2.4
  • menu: take in count Hfr remarks
  • Read post about indentation
  • Option: ask Peter
  • General about music: recording/loudness war/clipping etc..
  • Graphic: codebox
  • Continue the .fcs section.
  • UIex1: colors to define, missing coma
  • FR: Foo title/Album art sources