new Now, you can customize your button bar. Incredibly useful to make foobar2000 meet your needs, and be able to access to functions/options you often use. Now in a click, without any contextual menu or special menu, you can replaygain your files, open the masstagger etc..
new Foobar has a enhanced playback order module.
new A volume button is now available by default, and it has immediate effect.


warning You can customize your buttons only if you use the UI columns User Interface Module.
warning Your icons must have the same size or some will disappear.
warning You need to put the zlib.dll an libpng.dll files in your foobar directory (not the component one)
download download zlib.dll an libpng.dll files
official Wiki Official page to download UI columns
Related topic click the icon for downloadable buttons.
official Wiki Official help page



Right click / Customize. Now this panel will pop up:

  • Reset : Will reset your toolbar to the default interface.
  • Move up : Change the place of your icons.
  • Move down : Change the place of your icons.
  • Add : Add a new button to the toolbar. ( see below )
  • Remove : Delete the selected button.
  • Tools :
    • Set all buttons using mask generated from colour : Choose a colour which will be transparent for each button.
    • Save to file : Saves your button config. The format is .fcb
    • Load from file : Loads a button config. The format is .fcb
    • Add from file : Add the buttons in the file selected. The format is .fcb
  • Text location : warning Below will display the selective text below all buttons
  • Appearence : warning In "no edges mode", selective text is unavailable.

Adding a new button

Use Change to select what will do the button.

Just take care to the Item group , applying the action to the played file or the selection is not the same!!

Then use display to choose wether you display text or an image or even both. If you want to display some text, you can use custom text with the appropriated option.

A default image exists only for some actions. Use a custom one for options without default image.

Normal/Hot image : The hot image is about the mouseover image.

Just choose the appropriated image with the Browse button.

  • Mask type
    • None : No transparency
    • Bitmap : Uses a bitmap as a mask, if selected, you will have to select the corresponding file with mask path
    • Color : The color chosen with mask color will be made transparent. warning This option is only compatible with BMP images with colour depth less than or equal to 4bpp.

Playback order

You now have more abilities for playback order:
  • Default: Will play the whole playlist and stop at the end
  • Repeat (Playlist)
  • Repeat (Track)
  • Shuffle (album): will play a random album (after the current album) until all albums are played.
  • Shuffle (directories): the same for directories
  • Shuffle (track): the same for tracks
  • Shuffle is not the same as random: in shuffle mode, the same album won't be played twice until all albums in the playlist are played, while in a random mode, you could listen to the same track two times consecutively.


It's now integrated by default. Moreover, you won't have to wait the buffer lenght to hear the sound change, it's immediate now.

The dB scale
dB gain=20log(I/I0)
where I=final value and I0 the reference
It's usually a negative value. -3db corresponds to dividing the output level by sqrt(2) this is a table for the correspondance between the percentage value and the dB value (after -60dB, it's nearly unhearable even if your hardware is put to max.)
in % in dB in % in dB
100 0 30 -10.4
90 -0.9 20 -14
80 -1.9 10 -20
70 -3.1 1 -40
60 -4.4 0.1 -60
50 -6 0.01 -80
40 -8 0.001 -100


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